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Our culture is genuine and our success has been built on a thorough understanding of client needs, our commitment to delivering value and exceptional service.

Find out what it means to be part of our team.

With such diverse backgrounds and skillsets, we take pride in providing the best teams to get even the most challenging of jobs done. Everything we do is built on our commitment to do the right thing for our customers, employees, and our communities. We believe that work should be fun and that a successful company needs to nurture its employees, not burn them out. Because of our unique and leading-edge software environment, our employees typically experience a dramatic increase in their skills and knowledge as they work at UnitX.

We believe in ...

Strong Team Dynamics

A winning team values integrity, trust, openness, willingness to learn, respect for each other, and works towards achieving a shared purpose. -That's exactly the type of team we cultivate.

Diversity and Inclusion

We encourage diversity and inclusion at every possible angle because we believe everyone brings value to the table and we can settle on the best and most creative ideas, not just the easy ones.

Job Satisfaction

Our employees are the heart of our company, and we offer a range of career opportunities to find a fulfilling one that challenges you, feeds your need for creativity and innovation, and inspires teamwork and mutual respect.

Individual Team Member Success

We understand that our employees are our number one resource so we work to ensure that you always have our respect and trust, while working in a safe environment, with good pay and opportunities to advance. 


We're always on the lookout for talented, motivated individuals who are ready to do innovative work and begin an exciting career opportunity. Does this sound like you? Upload a resume and fill out the form below!

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