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IT Staffing Services

Whether you’re looking for an individual or a team of experts, our goal to provide you with highly-skilled and certified individuals that are well-matched to your unique business's needs and work environment.

Planning a big project? Hire our staff!

UnitX also offers staffing services all hand-selected with IT backgrounds. Above all else, UnitX values hard work, integrity, authenticity, personal responsibility, and respect, and our whole team reflects that. UnitX is composed of brilliant and talented people who are passionate about solving problems and all things digital. That being said, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to assemble a truly dynamic team based on both character and talent.

Whether you’re looking for an individual or a team of experts, we can help you find the right fit for your project. It is our goal to provide you with highly-skilled and certified individuals that are well-matched to your unique business's needs and work environment.





Computer Network Specialists

  • Computer and Information Research Scientists

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers

  • Computer Network Architects

  • Computer Systems Analysts

  • Computer Systems Managers

  • IT Analysts

  • IT Coordinators

  • Network Administrators

  • Network Architects

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators

  • Network Engineers

  • Network Systems Administrators

  • System Engineers

  • Technical Designers

  • Telecommunications Specialists

Cloud Computing Engineers

  • Cloud Architect

  • Cloud Consultant

  • Cloud Product and Project Manager

  • Cloud Services Developer

  • Cloud Software and Network Engineer

  • Cloud System Administrator

  • Cloud System Engineer

Information Security Specialists

  • Information Security

  • Security Specialist

  • Senior Security Specialist

  • Security Auditor

  • Solutions Specialist 

Database Administrators

  • Data Center Support Specialist

  • Data Quality Manager

  • Database Administrator

  • Enterprise-wide information specialist

  • Senior Database Administrator

IT Analysts 

  • Application Support Analyst

  • Senior System Analyst

  • Systems Analyst

  • Systems Designer

IT Support Speciaists

  • Customer Support Administrator

  • Customer Support Specialist

  • Desktop Support Manager

  • Desktop Support Specialist

  • Help Desk Specialist

  • Help Desk Technician

  • IT Support Manager

  • IT Support Specialist

  • IT Systems Administrator

  • Senior Support Specialist

  • Senior System Administrator

  • Support Specialist

  • Systems Administrator

  • Technical Specialist

  • Technical Support Engineer

  • Technical Support Specialist

IT Leadership

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Director of Technology

  • IT Director

  • IT Manager

  • Management Information Systems Director

  • Technical Operations Officer


  • Branding Developer

  • Digital Marketers

  • Display Marketing Specialists

  • Email Marketing Specialists

  • Graphic Designers

  • Lead Generation Specialists

  • Logo Makers

  • Marketing Positioning Specialists

  • Marketing Strategists 

  • Search Engine Marketing Specialists

  • SEO Specialists 

  • Video Content Producers

Web Development

  • Front End Developer

  • Web Administrator

  • Web Developer

  • Web Designer

  • Webmaster

Business Management

Software Application Developers

  • Application Developer

  • Applications Engineer

  • Associate Developer

  • Computer Programmer

  • Developer

  • Java Developer

  • Junior Software Engineer

  • Multimedia Architects

  • .NET Developer

  • Programmers

  • Programmer Analyst

  • Software Architect

  • Software Developer

  • Software Engineer

  • Software Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Software Tester

  • System Architect

  • Systems Software Engineer

  • Business Analysts

  • Operations Analyst

  • Problem Manager

  • Product Planner

  • Project Leader

  • Master Scheduler

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