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Full-Service Cybersecurity Consulting


Blocking hackers from accessing organizational networks is just the first part of what we provide. As professionals in cybersecurity, we perform full-service safeguarding defenses against all matters of hacking.

We Are Your Personal IT Experts.


We work closely with you and your organization to ensure all your IT needs are met. We don’t suggest any unnecessary solutions that aren’t right for you and only recommend solutions that help you meet your IT goals.


Troubleshooting various computer problems using IT services available by UnitX

  • Threat Vulnerability Management

  • Security Auditing & Configurations 

  • Small/Large Business Pen. Testing

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Security Instruction & Employee Training

  • Computer & Network Security

  • Email & Web Filtering 

  • Diagnostics, Upgrades, & Repairs

Fundamental Services:

Let us show you exactly how your data can be leveraged by a breach.

Did You know?

  • According to a study by Ponemon Institute, the average cost of an insider threat incident is $9 million. 

  • Studies show that 90% of employees exhibit risky behavior when using cloud-based applications.

  • Trusted insiders can often represent some of the most significant risks to an organization.

Breaches Stop Here.

Stopping cybersecurity threats and attacks starts with proper IT security offered by UnitX

Data breaches and identity theft are no joking matter. There are serious real-life consequences and liabilities for organizations that fail to securely protect their confidential information. The only way to have a fighting chance against any attack is with a disciplined, and programmatic approach in place before attacks start.

Whether you're a

Small Business

Large Business



We deliver services to organizations of ALL SIZES with custom security plans to fit your organization's needs and your budget. We love to help start-ups and new brands too!

Are Your Employees Trained to Protect Your Data? 

Even an inexperienced hacker can gain access to your information easily by asking your employees simple unsuspecting questions using simple hacking software. Make sure your employees know the who's and what's about data infringement with UnitX's security instructors and training services.

If you're wondering, "Do I really need to use an IT service company?"

The answer is: Most likely, yes.

With UnitX trusted as your go to IT service company you and your company staff can continue working without worrying about cyber attacks and threats.

It is essential for every organization to be constantly preventing potential threats quickly and reevaluating system’s vulnerabilities before giving hackers a chance to breach your network.

UnitX is specifically trained in the cyclical practice of identifying, assessing, classifying, remediating, and mitigating security weaknesses together by fully understanding & addressing potential flaws. We live in a digital world with many things to constantly worry about so don't let your IT security be one of them. Have peace of mind as UnitX ensures to protect your precious data at every angle possible. 

Want to see what we can do for you? No problem, we make it easy to get in touch!

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