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Web Filtering &

Firewall Configuration

You can gain access to vitually limitless data on the internet, most of which can be potentially not safe for viewing in a school, work, or an official environment. That's where web filtering and firewall configuration can help.

What is Web Filtering? 

Web filters are a key tool for ensuring safe internet usage for everyone within an organization. The filters work by checking a web page against a set of rules provided by a company or person who has installed the web filter and depending on the content, it will either allow or block a user from viewing the website.


Filters are most commonly used to block websites that are likely to include objectionable advertising, pornographic content, spywareviruses, and other inappropriate content.

On the surface, web filtering is pretty simple, but like all things, as you start to learn more, everything becomes more complex. Depending on your type of organization, firewalls can be configured in a few different ways. UnitX delivers various solutions for individual, family, institutional or enterprise use.

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A secure network within a company
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Want to see how web filtering can help you stay on track?  

Why are Firewalls So Essential? 

Malicious threats blocked by IT security

For anyone concerned with internet safety, web filtering can be an excellent tool to help prevent attacks or loss of security. Monitoring and filtering what employees share helps actively enforce IT policies as well as prevent data leakage.


For organizations that offer internet access available to the public, like schools or libraries, recent legislation, CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) has made it mandatory to implement a filtering solution or lose funding.


Web filters are capable of preventing users from accessing sites that execute malicious code on the user’s computer or even to block web sites that don’t support an effective work day, as well as not fitting the requirements of their security policies.

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