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IT Infrastructure & Design Solutions

IT architecture plays a major role in modernizing your business methods including IT transformation, software development, and other major aspects within the organization. 

Automate your business operations.

Do you feel that your business is not running as efficiently as it could be, or find that simple IT problems leave a sizable impact on your business operations? What about wanting to expand your business but feeling limited by the sizability of your network? 

Cloud related services available


Our IT Infrastructure solutions are used to implement an efficient, flexible, and high quality technology solution for any business problem. Whether you're just getting started, or already have an existing framework, we specialize in expert custom solutions to get your business running at its most efficient, freeing up your time for other important things. 


Routers, modems, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Wireless Access points (APs), Network-attached storage (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), etc.


Rack installations, Virtualization, Directory Services, Domain Name Systems (DNS), File and Application Servers, Redundancy Backup Plans, etc.


Business Intelligence, Database Administration, Disaster Recovery, High-Availability Designs, Information Management, and Performance Analyses, etc.

With a customized framework, you can:

Be automatically alerted as an attacker takes any step towards your data.

Adapt, scale and automate your business operations on a self-managing network.

Accelerate resolution processes so you can get back to business faster.

Researching IT providers

There's Always Room For Improvement.



Even if you already have a system in place, UnitX can always advise your organization on ways to improve or extend its capabilities, or offer quick and effective IT support. We are focused in giving you long-term benefits of a solid framework and sustainable methods.


We provide a strong foundation and build your network and computing system from the ground-up with architecture specifics that are custom for what you and your organization needs. We also offer networking packages to fit your unique industry requirements and budget.

We Tailor Designs To Fit Your Unique Organization's Needs.

Contacting IT providers

Our Infrastructure and Design Solutions effectively manage the relationships between the computer's overall design, hardware, software, access methods, and protocols used throughout the system. 

Our IT architecture and design solutions are classified into three different categories​:




Each of these classifications varies in their implementation and design, depending on the contextual business scope, organization structure, and corporate culture. Depending on your needs, we can configure which is right for you!

Let Us Help Bring Your Project To Life.

Let us help you find the right IT solutions for your business. 

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