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Relax, You've Found the 1 Source For All Your IT Needs

Established in 2003, UnitX was created because other IT firms couldn't supply all the different services clients needed, all in one place. 19 years later, our diverse and professional team is still dedicated to your organization's IT success.

We know your business is dependent on your IT systems. That's why we are committed to providing you with innovative, cost-efficient solutions paired with excellent customer service. You can expect:

Customer Satisfaction


Best-In-Class Support


Certified & Dependable


Flexible Solutions


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What We Do

We Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

With professional services and flexible solutions, we make life easier and let you rest easy at night knowing we've got you covered.

Check out a few of our fundamental services:


Full Cybersecurity Services

With professional services and flexible solutions, we make life easier and let you rest easy at night knowing we've got you covered.

We Make IT Services Easy.

Here's How: 

Happy customers knowing UnitX is there to help with IT services

Full-service IT Security Consulting

Your best chance against cyber attacks is to have a dependable and effective system in place. UnitX makes sure yours is up to the mark.

Our method is easy: tell us what you want and then we get you exactly what you need, no more and no less.


We here at UnitX have a deep understanding of customer concerns and complex cyber threats, and we are committed to using fact-based knowledge and our unique analytics to help ensure your data's absolute safety.

Maximize Your Productivity

Adapt, scale and automate your business operations on a self-managing network, freeing up your time for other important things.

Company wide IT services keeping the staff at peace
Relaxing knowing UnitX provides the IT services and security you need

Need A Project Completed?

UnitX provides highly-skilled and certified individuals that are well-matched to your unique business's needs and work environment.  

Not sure what you need? We can assist.

Find the best solutions, fit for your business

Giving UnitX 5 star reviews for their excellent services and customer support
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